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Providing A Better Ride For Your Slide 

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  • Bubbling of fiberglass- Causes riders to alert their path and can cause them to be tossed out of their tube or throw them into the air.

  • Chipping or cracking of Fiberglass-This unfortunate situation will act as a grading affect against tubes, mats and bodies.

  • Soft or mushy panels-Sign of supports and possibly giving away of the fiberglass strength gone.

  • Worn or deflated non-slip on start tub-Customers entering can and have fallen, no one likes a slip hazard.

  • Misaligned seams-Major concern for customers’ safety which can act as a razor, plus the leakage and water loss causing a change away from what the ride was designed for.

  • Thin/exposed fiberglass-Fiberglass splinters into riders and failure to the flume section.

  • Deteriorating hardware-Failure of strength in supports leading to failure of the attraction causing injury to those who ride the attraction.


2020 Map.png

  • Maumee, OH

  • Talladega, OH

  • Roaring Springs, ID

  • Provo, UT

  • Chicago, IL

  • West Chicago, IL

  • Forest Park, IL

  • Erie, PA

  • Port Huron, MI

  • Macomb, MI

  • Largo, FL

  • Orlando, FL

  • Tipton, PA

  • Dumas, TX

  • Oak Brooks, IL

  • Fresno, CA

  • Tallahassee, FL

  • Roanoke, TX

  • Waco, TX

  • Lewisville, TX

  • McMinnville, OR

  • Monticello, IN 

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"..your crew did a fantastic job with painting our 3 slides at Rolf Park Pool. All your employees were very courteous and worked extremely hard all the way to the end of the project. I truly appreciate working with Slide Guys Restoration on this project. I am sure our users will be extremely satisfied with the results in the 2020 pool season."

-Joe Camp, City of Maumee

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