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We know a water slide is a large investment. Dull surfaces and cracks eventually turn into unsafe surfaces and unhappy guests. Properly maintain your slide and hire a team that is highly qualified.

Our international company has over 10 years of experience in premium waterslide restoration, and every project we take on is backed by a warranty. We are extremely detail oriented and guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Slide Maintenance

-Yearly Maintenance

-Emergency Repairs

- Full gel-coat & resurfacing

-Polish & Waxing

-Recaulking seams

-Permanently fiberglassing seams

-Chemical Washing

Minor Fiberglass Repairs


-Blister Repair

-Stress Cracks

-Exposed Fiberglass

Major Fiberglass Repairs

-Coring delamination

-Cracked/severely damaged panels


4342 Old 51 Croswell MI 48422

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